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Sly Fox Ski & Snowboard Club President

Fontaine of Knowledge

Breaking news! Big Snow II is no more. Long live Big Powder! Yes, we will be skiing 2 days at Big Powderhorn Mountain on this trip from February 10 to 12. The prime reason for this is that the new owner of the former Indianhead and Blackjack Mountains, Snow River Resort, has decided that they were not charging us enough, so they tore up the contract we had signed before they took over, and raised the price by $200 per person, plus eliminated the dinner.

Deb Bramschreiber had to scramble, but she was able to find us nice hotel rooms at the Quality Inn in Ironwood, negotiated a 2-day lift ticket at Big Powderhorn plus a dinner at the Caribou Lodge at Big Powderhorn. All that for a modest price of $10 more than the previous price of $320. Sure beats a $200 + price increase that Snow River wanted. We wish them luck.

Big Snow in January is still going as planned. We have one room left for this trip, so this may be your last chance to ski here with Sly Fox. Unless there is a huge rethink by the management at Snow River Resort, I doubt we will be able to return there next year.

Our meetings in November had a presentation on pre-season workout routines given by Cindy Baumgartner. Balance and core-strengthening are the key. Thanks Cindy, for the group demonstrations and for exercises to accomplish this. Our second meeting had a presentation by Dave Haase from Attitude Sports in Fond du Lac. He presented this year’s new ski equipment with an emphasis on the new heated boots and gloves.

December will have only one business meeting on December 7. Nothing pecial except sign-ups for the last spots on Big Snow I and spots on Big Powder. This trip already has 20 people signed up, and we can take another 22. Finally, it will be the deadline to sign up for our annual Holiday Party at the Red Ox in Appleton on Wednesday, December 14. $30 for a great dinner with a wide selection of entrees. We have 42 signed up now and we would like to get to 50 so we can be assured of getting the main dining room.

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Sam Fontaine


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