Photo Gallery

Sly Fox Ski & Snowboard Club Photo Gallery

Each ski season a collection of photographs are taken by trip or social gathering. ¬†For each of these years, there is another series of links to individual trips or social gathering’s photographs followed by a general discussion of what happened throughout the year.

SLY FOX SKI & SNOWBOARD CLUB thoughts for 2018

How to provide photographs for the Sly Fox Ski Club website

1. Take your photo with your camera.
2. Review the information on the photo and please remember that the club supports a ‘family style’ photographs to be published.
3. If your photograph file size is over one megabyte, please reduce the photograph using a tool like Microsoft Paint and use the “Resize” function to reduce the photograph.
4. Check the new photograph for quality.
5. Please provide a brief (1 to 3 sentences) about the trip or gathering the photo(s) are from.
6. Zip your photo file(s) and email it with a brief write-up as to what the photos are about to the [email protected].
7. Allow up to two weeks for the photos to be on the gallery.

Thanks for sharing your photo(s) and write-up.