SLY FOX SKI & SNOWBOARD CLUB, Appleton Wisconsin, Welcome!

SKI THE WORLD with the SLY FOX SKI & SNOWBOARD CLUB, founded in 1967

We offer sports-oriented adults, ages 21 and over, the opportunity to participate in recreational activities in a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere year round.  We ski the Midwest, Western & Internationally.  Always well organized by our experienced leaders.

Our club members are single, married, and from all walks of life. Abilities range from beginners to expert skiers and snowboarders.

We’re sure you will appreciate the affordability and unique nature of our club.  Need more skiing or social activities, our Sly Fox Members can take advantage of trips from our friends at Gelandesprung Ski Club, Green Bay.

Join the Sly Fox Ski & Snowboard Club today & take advantage of our great ski trips & fun social events.  membership details  Membership Form 2014-15



SLY FOX MEMBERSHIP MEETING on Dec. 3rd had a great turnout. Our President Sam Fontaine gave us all the information on the upcoming trips.

Jan. 9-11 is our Big Snow Trip, (Indianhead & Blackjack Mts.) filled fast.  Davos Switzerland trip is closed for sign up.  Feb. 13-15 Marquette Mountain trip is filling fast, while staying downtown Marquette, experience what the city has to offer.  It is the start of the dogsled races so there will be a lot of great entertainment also great restaurants to enjoy.   The last trip of the season will be March 19-23 to Banff, Canada.  Travel time is less than an hour longer than most US Western trips, join the 33 people that have signed up to experience the Big Mountain skiing.

Big Snow-Indianhead/Blackjack Trip leader: Debbie Mossong 920-205-1467.  Marquette Trip leader: Mark Framness 920-205-8234.  Thanks to both.

Our November 5 Membership meeting elected two new members to the Sly Fox Board of Directors to join the existing Directors.  They are as follows:  President; Sam Fontaine, Vice President; Bruce Kettner, Treasurer; Julie Buechner, Secretary; Abby Beck, Advisor; Deb Bramschreiber.  They will complete this ski season.   Nominations & voting at the end of our season will elect the Board of Directors for 2015-16.  Get more involved in your Club by running for a Club Officer or join a volunteer position.   All are welcome & all of your talents are appreciated.


Friday, Jan. 23, starting approx. 5:30pm HAPPY HOUR LOCATION:  Flagstone Bar, 2820 W. Prospect Ave.,  Appleton.  A casual, non club sponsored gathering for those who enjoy socializing & Happy Hours.  All Members & Non Members Welcome.

Skiing at Banff



Indianhead Resort

Big Snow Indeed!

Wed., JAN.21st, MEMBERSHIP & PRE TRIP MEETING FOR Davos, Switzerland & Venice, Italy Trip.  Location is The Bar on Lynndale, Appleton.  Social 7:00pm, Meeting 7:30pm. Refreshments served.

Big Snow Group after Packer Win!

Big Snow Group after Packer Win!



Party continues, Bar Dancing


Dancing Friday night

Dancing Friday night


Lunch break Indianhead

A GREAT TIME & SKIING was had by all on BIG SNOW trip Jan. 9-11.  The back of the full bus had a lively card game up to Bessmer.  With sub sandwiches, beverages, chocochip cookies along with jello & pudding shots added to the fun.  We continued the fun when arriving at Indianhead.  The ski conditions were great with plenty of corduroy and pleasant weather conditions at both mountains.  Indianhead Lodge treated us to yummy breakfasts & dinner.  DON’T FORGET TO CONTINUE THE SKI FUN AT MARQUETTE MOUNTAIN, FEB. 13-15,2015.  SPACE AVAILABLE SO SIGN UP SOON, IT’S A WONDERFUL PLACE TO SKI WITH GREAT RESTAURANTS AND ENTERTAINMENT THROUGHOUT THE CITY.





Sly Fox Ski & Snowboard Club is proud to be a member of the CMSC

Chicago Ski Club Council


Indianhead Resort

Indianhead & Blackjack. Jan. 9-11, 2015. $255 Wait list only

Davos, Switzerland & Venice, Italy, Jan. 24-Feb. 3, 2015. Space available. $2695

Davos, Switzerland & Venice, Italy, Jan. 24-Feb. 3, 2015. Space available. $2695 Signup closed.





    Details Indianhead Blackjack                         Details Davos, Switzerland/Venice
Indianhead/Blackjack & MarquetteTripSign-up2014-15
Ski Marquette Mt. Feb. 13-15, 2015  $255

Ski Marquette Mt. Feb. 13-15, 2015 $255 Space available, sign up soon!

Ski Banff, Canada March 19-23, 2015 updated cost $1005

Ski Banff, Canada March 19-23, 2015 Updated cost $1005 Space available, don’t miss big mountain skiing.



Details Marquette                                                     Details Banff, AB, Canada BanffSign-upUpdate

Another GREAT BENEFIT of joining SLY FOX CLUB, our friends at Gelandesprung Ski Club, Green Bay offer additional Ski Trips & Social events that you can take advantage of at no additional cost.  Gelandesprung snow events


Sly Fox Ski & Snowboard Club President

Fontaine of Knowledge


I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  With January, the ski season starts in earnest.  Coming up is our Big Snow Trip to Indianhead and Blackjack.  That will be January 9 to 11.  On January 24, 62 of us are leaving for Davos, Switzerland and Venice, Italy.  Our Marquette Trip, on February 13 to 15, and Banff, Alberta Trip, March 19 to 23 still have openings available.

Now comes time when I jump up on my soap box and editorialize.  The title is ITS ALL ABOUT THE SKIING.  The Sly Fox Ski Club, like hundreds of others across the country, is dedicated to skiing (and oops, riding too!)  OK, Snow Sports.  Keeping this focus is why we were founded in the first place, and why we have continued for over 47 years.  Since skiing almost always involves travel (unless you were born in Aspen).  It lends itself to joining together in groups and getting quantity discounts for lodging, lift tickets, transportation.  Because volunteers do all the work setting up the trips, pricing them to a razor thin margin, and conducting them, we essentially get wholesale priced ski trips for our members.  We focus on maximum fun at minimum cost.  Anything that adds cost is weighed on the value it brings to the members.  Example:  people have asked about using credit cards, Pay Pal (no body has mentioned bitcoins yet, but it is probably only a matter of time).  This would probably add at least 10% to trip prices.  That includes credit card fees and maintaining a credit card clearing account.  Besides putting an onerous burden on our already busy Treasurer, the question of credit card security also is a factor.  So, for the foreseeable future, we will be relying on good old fashioned checks and cash.  Maximum fun, minimum cost.  Until next month, keep your tips up.


Sam Fontaine